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Significance of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction ~ Podcast

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We are all unique souls and we will respond to the propensities of the planetary influences in our own unique ways.


This class will outline the four natural evolutionary states and their subcategories. Part 3. Part 4. Pluto and the Nodes!!! Its time to dive deeper! Covering two signs per week, we will examine Pluto through the signs in depth. Part 5.

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Every month, the moon moves through eight phases in its relationship to the sun. These eight phases are also the umbrella under which, aspects between any two planetary bodies form an energy exchange.

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To understand and apply the phasal relationship between two planets to aspect work, can both deepen and simplify your ability to interpret and synthesize the total chart. Part 6. Its time to develop more proficiency! In this module we practice the step-step Pluto method and discuss counseling skills and various methods to present the material to the querent i.

Language styles such as factual, story telling, dialogue with Client; the role of intuition, ethics, etc. Part 7. Now that you understand how a person is living their Natal Chart, now learn how the chart comes alive! You will learn how the current movement of the Planets affect Natal positions and interpret how this illustrates the ongoing Evolutionary challenges, lessons and intentions for a persons chart. You will also learn about Progressed charts and how to cast a Solar Return chart for someones Birthday to reveal the potential energies that lie in the year ahead.

Graduation happens at your own pace but includes a combination of:. Graduate Certification Package.

Homework Cases 2 of these — We will set homework charts that you can work on individually in pairs or in teams throughout the training. Each one of us will review your homework and send back comments. Before presenting your Graduating cases you should have at least 2 Supervision sessions. Syria has Ascendant on Algorab, Midheaven on Sirius. Tony Abbott has MC on Sirius. Vladimir Putin has Sun on Algorab.

Uranus Is Going Retrograde and Here’s How Each Sign Will Deal |

I have The Sun at Aries. I am a true Solar Man and I was destined to rule. Descendant of Gengkhis Khan.

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We shall rise! Thanks Jamie. In other word , he is the Batu Khan. I have his chart ready to post but have to get through some readings and the next months horoscopes first. The Sun is back. Thank you for sharing your gift though. Take care yourself Jamie ;. These times are so unstable. I encounter neurotic, unhappy, distressed, deranged people everywhere I go. This is the norm now. I witness very competitive types or very defeated types.