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We got a chance to chat with Susan about how astrology works and much, much more. How did you get into astrology? I was paralyzed during an operation I was bleeding to death. And I was either going to lose my leg or my life or both… I was 14 years old and I had to spend 11 months in the hospital fighting for my life [and then two plus years doing 6 hours of physical therapy a day], and I had to give up high school.

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I learned [astrology] through my mother. I had a motivation that few people would have. I had a metal brace on my leg. I had two crutches. I was 14 and I wanted to go to prom; I wanted to wear high heels. I never told anyone until she told me I was ready. If a planet is roaming around by itself, not much is going to happen just like in life.

Horoscopes - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Can anyone study astrology? Astrology is not a gift. The only gift is that maybe God gives you a good head for math. The gift is in the interpretation and communication of it. Youre really popular among the fashion crowd. Yes, I found that out by accident! I found that out on Twitter.

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I tweet every day, so I was noticing who was signing up for me. You know what it is, astrology appeals to people who are creative. Not just about design, but creative about their life.

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Their mind is open and conceptual and theyre open to ideas. So I think thats why it could be. I have a lot of people in media too, but media people are interested in ideas and concepts. Its a certain personality make-up that is open to building a richer life. How does fashion or personal style come into play depending on what sign you are? Well, in terms of being in the fashion business, Libra is probably the best they are the true arbiters of taste.

What does the new moon in Leo mean for your zodiac sign?

A lot of editors and designers are Libras. Leo likes the dramatic statement and theatricality of fashion, which is so about the greatest designers in France. The Geminis like to write about it. The Virgo likes the details the beautiful lining, the perfect fit. Couture is Virgo. Taurus loves texture they want to feel it first.

They have such an acute sense of smell, of taste. And the Cancers are actually good with money and thats something a lot of people dont know. The Rockafellers were Cancers. You see a lot of Cancers and Capricorns in that area of fashion.

Pisces is very good in a creative sense. They dont want to follow the trends that other people are following. What about the other signs? It is the time to avoid making long-term decisions. It is a review time with bigger repercussions. Some cycles are great for moving ahead, this is not one of those; buyer beware or in carpentry terms measure thrice cut once.

Best #astrology hashtags

Where have I turned aside from rectitude? What have I been doing? What have I left undone, which I ought to have done? Begin thus from the first act, and proceed; and, in conclusion, at the ill which thou hast done, be troubled, and rejoice for the good. Read also : Horoscope — a complete guide. According to WiseHoroscope , will be a great year for all zodiac signs. Aries: discussions about a job, reevaluations, and rechecking of documents, work contracts, reconfiguration of some workforce relationships will occur. Taurus: you are prone to confusions, and you face some communication issues in the relationship with your children or lover.

Gemini: we can talk about a period a bit unclear regarding your house, family or a real estate business. Leo: this is a period for revising some issues related to money, a work contact, for reconsidering your personal and material values, you feel the need to get out of some collaborations that solicit you financially. Virgo: during this period, you need to organize your personal life, some important aspects reemerging now, to redefine your own personality, to rediscover a new way of interacting with others.

Libra: you rather prefer to retire in solitude, because you feel like isolating yourself from the world and concerning yourself with the spiritual side of existence. It is possible to return to places with a high spiritual charge, places dear to you. Sagittarius : you have a predisposition to all kinds of complaints in the relationship with your superiors or family.

Capricorn: some aspects related to higher education may be revised during this period, which is characterized by an intense intellectual and also relational activity with people living abroad.