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  1. Cancer Monthly Horoscope Free & Exclusive | Elle UK
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Cancer Monthly Horoscope. Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope Free & Exclusive | Elle UK

Cancer Horoscope Weekly. Monthly Horoscope July Here's what the stars have in. Cancer Monthly Horoscope March Cancer Horoscope For Saturday, September 7, Pretty in Punch! Cancer Horoscope for May - WeMystic.


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Cancer — Kelly Surtees Astrology. Cancer: Monthly horoscope May. Monthly Overview for Cancer - Astrology com.


12222 Horoscope Special: The Year of You

For you, intimacy is the be-all, end-all—even if it takes you aeons to get to that stage. Female friends are your lifeblood, as the spirit of sisterhood blazes fiercely within you. Unfortunately, your trust issues can limit you from venturing into the world. At some point, you must decide to take a risk; otherwise life becomes dull and decidedly limited. Because you're ruled by the emotional moon as well as being a highly sensitive water sign , your feelings wax and wane without explanation.

Emotional eating can be a cathartic pitfall when you're feeling low.

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To stabilize your mood swings, weight, and overall vitality, embrace your inner foodie, but tweak your favorite gourmet recipes into low-calorie "heart smart" masterpieces. Romantically, your standards can be breathtakingly high, you weather long bouts of celibacy waiting for The One to reveal himself.

Fortunately, your destiny is not to be alone.

Sun enters Scorpio

That family-oriented prince is a stone's throw away, waiting for you to lower the drawbridge so he can gallop in without a stinging rejection you can be intimidating, believe it or not. On the subject of "lowering," how about dropping your collar a few inches? Your sign rules the chest, and no one can pull off a scoop-neck top, plunging neckline, and oversize baubles quite like you. Ruler: the empathetic, ever-changing, emotional moon. Your gifts: creativity, emotional intelligence, a nurturing and sisterly spirit.

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Your issues: cliquishness, cheapness, cattiness. Your saving grace: your razor-sharp and petal-soft maternal instincts. Your path: to create the spirit of family wherever you go.

Your fashion inspiration: Louis Vuitton , Badgley Mischka. Love 'em: Scorpio , Capricorn.

Daily Horoscopes 12222

Notsomuch: Sagittarius , Aquarius. Type keyword s to search.

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