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In your book, you mention Peter Levine and Waking the Tiger, which is a book about post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and how it's uncompleted fight-or-flight response, how the survival energy gets frozen and needs to reach a point of completion. Would this reliving through past-life regression be one way to complete that cycle? PW: Modern trauma theory applies to the human psyche in the present life as well as the past life.

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So, you can have past-life characters within you that are traumatized because of unfinished business or specific overwhelming events that occurred to them in the past, and they remain frozen in the psyche. Now, Levine is talking about fight, flight, or freeze, and that's really what forms trauma — you can't fight, you can't flee, so you freeze. And all of the impulses that were held in the psyche, the body, and the emotions at that time remain frozen.

Levine's methodology is slightly different. In regression work, we go back to the past-life character that's holding that particular freeze. The reliving of the past life is 50 percent of the healing. The rest is worked out in what we call the After-life, or Bardo state of that past-life character, where they are allowed to bring to completion what they were unable to complete in their own past life. For example, a woman in a past life has her baby snatched from her arms and is then killed.

Let's say that past-life woman's self is still living in you, horrified that she couldn't save her child and then dying with huge guilt and fear. This is where shamanism is really useful. Because it talks about the propensity of the soul to fragment and to dissociate and lose parts of itself when it experiences trauma.

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So, back to our woman: A part of that past-life woman's soul can literally be frozen in time, in that moment of shock. How might that be influencing the person in the current life? They may fear having children; they may go ahead and have a child but have an abnormal paranoia about the safety of that child.

In our work, the idea is that the traumatic impressions are held through all of the subtle energetic bodies. You hold karmic imprints, not only in your physical etheric body, but also in your emotional and mental energetic bodies, which are shed at death but "recollected," in a sense, each time you reincarnate.



You essentially pick up where you left off. In regression therapy, the reliving of the past life is waking up the trauma and bringing it back to consciousness — that is the first part of the "soul retrieval" — then going through the death experience and into the After-life, finishing the unfinished impulses, which releases the soul fragment that's been stuck there for a couple hundred years or more!

When we get to the spirit world, we essentially let that part know in a variety of ways : "It's over. You can do now what you couldn't do then. We allow and guide that past-life self to have its completion in the After-life, because we come from the understanding that it has been literally frozen there and still needs healing. Levine does the completion without the context of the past lives. PW: Right. To us, in regression work, it happens in two stages. The reliving is the opening of something, and the Bardo work is the resolution of what you've opened up.

That resolution happens through the use of psychodrama, through the use of Gestalt, and all these other wonderful principles we apply, from a psychological understanding as well as the shamanic. MF: How long does this work usually take? Is it done in one session or several? PW: Most people have a shift, sometimes a major one, after only one session. It is hard to generalize, since each person's psyche is quite unique. Some healing is immediately quantifiable, such as in cases where unexplained life-long phobias or fears are simply gone after one session.

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In other cases, when working on, say, an "abandonment complex," we can find several layers that contribute to the issue, and each needs to be worked through. The truth is often that a soul repeats certain traumas through many lifetimes, so there can be several lives that need to be worked on. But you can also sometimes get to a core life that holds the charge of the whole complex, and when that is worked with, it is like a ball of yarn that unravels PW: I don't think that any one thing is the answer or solution. Each one of my clients is different; some need other methods as well, which I often recommend.

There is also a lot of integrative work they can do after sessions, such as continued dialogue with their own past-life characters, meditative work, drawing, journaling — all are recommended. To me the soul speaks in image, myth, metaphor, and story. All of these things, like dreams, can be revisited and, upon doing so, deepen and reveal more each time. Have you found that to be true in your case studies? I tell this to my classes: I was so dissociated coming into this life that I literally used to follow myself to school.

Many of my memories of the playground are looking at the back of my head. That's how totally fragmented I was coming into this life, most of it prior-life trauma. My childhood was not so hugely traumatic. There was trauma, but not to that extent! In Evolutionary Astrology, part of the archetype of Uranus, Aquarius, and the 11th house describes the propensity of the psyche to fragment and the nature of the trauma that causes the fragmentation.

The next archetype — Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th house — describes the propensity of these fragmented parts to dissociate and to become lost, or frozen in psychic space. Clearly, they're experiencing a lot of present-life trauma. Have you been working with soldiers? Each war's signature of the trauma is certainly different, on a psychological level, yet the same mechanism of PTSD is present in all these veterans.

Judith Dides

MF: Can you speak on the different aspects of the signatures? Do you see that, in terms of the archetypes and the war they fought, or are there other signatures?

So, they became scapegoats. Right there is a huge psychological wounding that exists in one generation but not the other. The interesting thing about the WWII veterans is that they came back feeling well-received by society, which is archetypally the way that the warrior is able to return. In some ancient tradittions, the warrior would be initiated to become a warrior, leave and go fight the war, then come back and go through a process of reintegration into the tribe or society. In one African tradition, they had a "washing of the spears" ritual, and the returning warriors would live in isolation for a period of time, working through various cleansing ceremonies before they were reintegrated into tribal life.

The WWII veterans were able to put themselves back together because they were welcomed back with the sup- port of their society. But they never talked about what happened to them. I know of WWII vets who had incredible guilt about things they'd done. Nobody talked about that; nobody talked about the dishonorable acts that soldiers were forced to do. That was their warrior code — to "man up," so to speak. Whereas Viet Nam veterans didn't get that ritual acceptance when they returned. They were left to deal with their pain, but because of that and the generational differences, more of them spoke openly about what had happened.

The Iraq vets I've dealt with and this has lot to do with training methods — I don't know what boot camp was like in WWII, it may have been the same — but they are literally trained to become psychopathic killers. There are clear examples of that, just in the marching songs at boot camp. Here are some sample lyrics:. Throw candy to the children Wait until they gather round Lock and load your M And mow them suckers down.

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Request for book or article recommendation I have a friend who was Anyway she asked me to help her understand this. She constantly travels on business so not much time to talk.

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I began esoteric studies as a teenager 50 years ago. What I read now, she would not possibly understand. Can anyone suggest an article or a book or a video that is fairly accessible for a beginner to understand. I am thinking something based in the astrological ages or whatever.

Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology : Medical Astrology

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you. Ousni Sheriphe. Information about Page Insights Data. Linda Jonson Evolutionary Astrology Consultations shared a group. Join our group.